- 18.01.2020

Minereum v2 launch date

Did you receive 32, $MNE from the #Minereum V2 airdrop? @​minereumtoken, the first self-mining smart contract, has launched its first #Crypto Bond in. lll➤ Looking for the current Minereum airdrop or bounty of November ? get your genesis address with 32, MNE coins when Minereum V2 is launched​. date and all Minereum v1 balances will be moved to Minereum v2 (including.

Welcome to Minereum V2!

All minereum v2 launch date features will be formally online now. As a result, you will need a connect your Ethereum wallet to it just like other DApps.

How To Sell Your Level 1 Address - Minereum

Officially, the team did article source people to use Metamask for this purpose. Also, when you interact with the smart contract e.

So, do not surprise when you cannot set your genesis address for sale. Always check your Ether balance first!

If you want to learn minereum v2 launch date dos and don'ts about this new platform, please check out this tutorial minereum v2 launch date.

The first self-mining smart contract

Interesting fact Even though the distribution minereum v2 launch date of the genesis addresses MNE included was over, some of the airdrop minereum v2 launch date still cannot see any MNE balance reflect in their wallets nor on etherscan.

Nevertheless, you still can check your balance by directly go to their new platform. Please note that Minereum changed their token contract address to a new minereum v2 launch date.

Minereum MNE Token Update Bangla

So, if you have Minereum just click for source in your wallet, don't confuse between them.

Old token contract address: 0x1a95BBD15faDaba31BAb New token contract address: 0xc92e74bd7b1d46e60e07f3fae5ddd03f0.

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