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Antminer a3 2020

antminer a3 2020Product specifications Name Antminer A3 Mining currency Blake2b coins Weight kg Dimensions mm x mm x. antminer a3 Designed and tested to run in a 24 7 mining nbsp Buy ANTMINER online to enjoy discounts and deals with Shopee Malaysia Antminer A3.

Antminer a3 2020

Packaging Just like our other Antminer models, the A3 is packaged as such it is protected by bubble wraps, Styrofoam and a carton box https://magazin-obzor.ru/2020/tapps-games.html packing symbols to make sure the miner will not be damaged during transportation.

Appearance and antminer a3 2020 The A3 miner uses two fans in the front and rear, with three hash boards embodied in its aluminium frame to better support and protect the hash boards while dissipating the heat.

Antminer a3 2020

There are three hash boards in A3. Each hash board has three PCIE 6-pin connectors and cables to connect to the control board.

Antminer a3 2020

The front fan gets intake air. The rear fan produces exhaust air.

Antminer a3 2020

The testing area is at a 30 m2 meeting room with an ambient antminer a3 2020 of 15 degree Celsius. We discovered the emitted noise to be at 74 dB, measured 10 cm away from the miner.

Product Information

It decreased to 65 dB if it was antminer a3 2020 1 metre away. After the miner has operated for 24 hours, we see that the hash board temperature is around 55 antminer a3 2020 C and the chips temperature is around 80 degree Celsius.

These numbers are antminer a3 2020 within the acceptable range.

Antminer a3 2020

Wirex lietuva fans should typically antminer a3 2020 at rpm. A3 mining efficiency click hour A3 power efficiency The antminer a3 2020 hash rate of A3 is G.

The A3 advertised consumption is W, even though the actual reading is W antminer a3 2020 is slightly antminer a3 2020.

Antminer a3 2020

As of 7 MarchSiacoin is valued at 0. If we were to account for the electricity cost which is around 9.

Antminer a3 2020

We calculated the efficiency to be 1. Hash rate.

Antminer a3 2020

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