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Who is behind pineapple fund

who is behind pineapple fundPineapple Fund, a Bitcoin-only charity, has reportedly accomplished its ultimate mission and donated bitcoins (BTC) or $55 mln to various. k votes, comments. Hi everyone, It's been five months, and having just made my last PF donation to the Internet Archive, I figure it might .


You could open a Donor Advised Fund with e. Fidelity, donate your bitcoin to your fund, and have https://magazin-obzor.ru/2020/bsv-hard-fork-2020.html fund send normal cash checks to the charities you choose.

That way only Fidelity has to deal with bitcoin instead of N charities.

Who is behind pineapple fund

This makes you anonymous if you want to the charities but not anonymous to Fidelity or whoever runs your DAF. Setting up a DAF is quite simple.


You'd only have to transfer to one address, rather than collect addresses and transfer to read more per charity many of whom https://magazin-obzor.ru/2020/sextortion-email-2020-example.html have to set up wallets.

You only have one tax receipt, rather than one receipt per charity. It's slighty-to-massively simpler for the recipient, who is behind pineapple fund it's much who is behind pineapple fund for the donor.

Researching the various providers and setting it up 2.

Who is behind pineapple fund

Transferring in the asset 3. Waiting for the fund administrator to liquidate the assets 4.

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Advise them on where and how much money to send to whom 5. Wait for them to do it Not to mention if you want to donate more you need to do steps again.

Versus one bitcoin transfer.

Who is behind pineapple fund

I realize that now who is behind pineapple fund link needs to do the liquidating which who is behind pineapple fund is not trivial but certainly it is much easier from the donors perspective.

And again, the bitcoin way makes them here anonymous.

Pineapple Fund drops $1M on the Sustainable Ocean Alliance and its new accelerator

You set up a 50 million dollar DAF with fidelity and the government is going to know about it whether or who is behind pineapple fund the charities do. Nothing about this method of donation implies the donor is a criminal.

Declining the receipts makes the donations truly anonymous which is pretty cool. I think it was https://magazin-obzor.ru/2020/trustplutus-aum.html novel who is behind pineapple fund and novel execution and obviously did a lot of good.

PIKOTARO - PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) (Long Version) [Official Video]

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