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Fake ssn generator us

fake ssn generator usIn the United States, The Social Security number (SSN) is a nine-digit number issued to U.S. temporary (working) residents, permanent residents, and citizens. Generate a random fake social security number.

Fake ssn generator us

By default, it splits the generated names so that half are female and half are male, fake ssn generator us that can be changed via command line options.

As is probably obvious, I use this program to generate test data. Installation Clone this repo in the usual way.

Fake ssn generator us

Then, read on. You'll need to have SBT installed to proceed. See the commented out example in build.

Fake Social Security Number

Note for Windows users: I don't run this thing on Windows, so Here probably not going to go out of my way to support it there.

It should work fine, but you're on fake ssn generator us own if it doesn't.

Usage At any time, you can run peoplegen --help for a usage summary. Options peoplegen currently supports the following options: --help: Generate the usage message and exit.

Fake ssn generator us

NOTE: If you specify neither male nor female percentages, both default to If you specify only one percentage, the other is set to the fake ssn generator us.

If fake ssn generator us set both percentages, they must add up toor peoplegen will abort. Salaries are generated as a normal distribution of integers, around a mean of 72, the U.

Fake ssn generator us

To change these values, use --salary-mean and --salary-sigma. Note: Fake ssn generator us this fake ssn generator us can result in negative salaries, so fake ssn generator us your final data.

Fake ssn generator us

A smaller number means more salaries will cluster around the mean. A larger number means the distribution will be more "spread out".

Fake ssn generator us

The distribution will fake ssn generator us be fake ssn generator us normal one a bell curvebut the mean and the sigma control the shape of the curve.

Defaults to 65 years ago fake ssn generator us this year. Defaults to 18 years ago from this year.

how to create ssn account with verification

This year cannot precede the year-min value. The default is a comma ",".

Fake ssn generator us

Any single character is fine. For example: firstName, lastName click Use English space-separated names for column names.

Fake ssn generator us example: first name, last name --snake: Use "snake case" underscores names for column names.

Social Security Number (SSN) Generator: Generate and validate US social security numbers

Legal values: "rows" default : generate individual rows of 1-line JSON people records. This format is useful with Apache Spark.

About Generate random people names, for test data.

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