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- 26.01.2020

Scatter eos account

scatter eos accountCreating EOS account. · 1. Generate a pair of EOS keys. · 2. Save your public key and private key securely. · 3. Download Scatter and install it. · 4. Open Scatter. · 5. Case 2: Import and existing EOS Account with the Private Key. Open and unlock the Scatter Desktop. Locate the menu "Vault" and select 'Import' > Text or QR.

How to Create a New EOS Account?

scatter eos account If you do not own an EOS account already you will need to use: zeos. Step 1: Before https://magazin-obzor.ru/account/private-email-account.html create an account, make sure the account you would like to register is available.

Scatter eos account

You can do this by clicking 'Find Accounts' in the navigation pannel and entering your requested account name in the 'Search Account' field.

The name you would like to create must be 12 characters scatter eos account, Scatter eos account you scatter eos account see the account 'youraccount1' has already been taken as it appeared under the 'Search Account' field.

Scatter eos account

If your account cannot be found, that means it does not exist and you continue reading register it.

Now scatter eos account are ready to create your account. Click on the button that says 'Create Account' on the left side navigation panel.

You'll get to a screen that looks like this: Enter your desired account name in the 'New Account Name' field, the 'Creator' field will already be pre-populated with your Scatter attached EOS account identity.

Now before we go any further, we will need to make keys for your new account.

Scatter eos account

In the top right corner of your screen you should see the Scatter logo. Click on the scatter logo and you will see this menu: You will need to generate a brand new private key and public key for your account so click on the button titled 'Key Pairs' scatter eos account you will see this next screen: Click on the 'New' button to create a brand new keypair scatter eos account your new account.

Now click on the button that says 'Generate Key Pair' and if you'd like to save this new pair in Scatter, enter the new account scatter eos account you intend to create.

Scatter eos account

These will be the credentials for a new account. Click the 'Copy' button to save the keys to your clipboard.

How to create a Scatter account?

Then if you scatter eos account to keep scatter eos account account in Scatter to use later, click 'Save' https://magazin-obzor.ru/account/bittrex-api-php-example.html it will click to see more you to the key pair screen showing you the new credentials.

You are scatter eos account finally ready to finish the account creation process! You will need to scatter eos account down your private and public key somewhere safe. After creating my key pair and pasting it into a safe location.

Scatter eos account

Now back to EOSToolkit to finish creating a new account: 1. Enter your new account scatter eos account.

If you select the 'Transfer' toggle the EOS you will be staking will be scatter eos account to the check this out account. If you do not the original account will remain scatter eos account owner. A new window will pop-up with scatter eos account contract you will need to accept to finish the account creation.

About Wallets, SDKs, and trust on the blockchain

Congratulations, you've just made your first EOS account! Thanks to techblogger for help with this guide. We hope you have learnt something today or found the solution you have been scatter eos account for.

Scatter eos account

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