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Halo platform game

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It's an often-forgotten piece of video game history, and one halo platform game would have likely changed the industry forever. Before Halo, first-person shooters on consoles were a mixed bag.

Halo platform game

Then Halo released and proved what halo platform game great FPS on console could be, and it helped halo platform game original Xbox sell halo platform game 25 million units. Since then, Halo and Xbox have been invariably click within bitcoin wallet address length video game industry.

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Halo platform game

It's why so many third-party developers in the early 's released their games on it. Despite Bungie's work on a PS2 Halo game, it wasn't meant to be.


Why did Bungie scrap their Halo work halo platform game the best-selling console of all time and instead put it on Microsoft's new and untested Xbox?

The short answer is Halo platform game. Before Bungie could https://magazin-obzor.ru/address/bitcoin-core-check-address-balance.html their halo platform game on Halo, the company was bought out by Microsoft in the yearwho didn't want the game appearing on any competitor's console.

Halo platform game

By buying Bungie, Microsoft halo platform game owned the rights to Halo. The game soon became halo platform game exclusive launch title and was responsible for the original Xbox's success.

Halo platform game

The rest, as they say, is history. But this seemingly small change greatly altered the video game industry as we know it.

Halo platform game

Without Halo, the original Xbox wouldn't have been nearly as successful. To what extents the halo platform game Xbox would've suffered is unknown, but it's incredibly likely the new halo platform game would have never made it past its first stage. The entire gaming landscape of the last twenty years could've been greatly altered.

Still, it's odd to think that Halo was extremely close to being a cross-platform title that almost appeared on the PS2.

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