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Jp sears college education

jp sears college educationMost people know JP Sears from his tongue-in-cheek 'Ultra Spiritual Life' parody of faddish new age 'spiritual' beliefs and diets but they likely. JP Sears used his steps to spiritual superiority to build an empire where he doesn't When I was eighteen, I dropped out of college because I was just done with it. yet you are allowing yourself to be you to a greater degree while you do it?

Some can get serious and get jp sears college education to business. But there are others who can get down to business by looking at things satirically.

JP Sear is the latter.

Jp sears college education

He is the ultra spiritual life coach jp sears college education built his empire in Facebook and YouTube by saying yes to his personality and the comedy that comes from his authentic creativity.

He advises entrepreneurs to lean more on their authentic side, because this is a gift they already have and can use to win clients. Learn how JP has stayed true to his creative spirit using his steps to spiritual superiority jp sears college education how it helped him stay true to his mission of helping people.

He has more thansubscribers on YouTube and nearly two million on Facebook.

Jp sears college education

Thank you for having me, Dr. I feel like my life is already enhanced talking with you.

Should I Quit College? - with JP Sears

jp sears college education I love your satire and I love your sense of humor. I looked up some of your background. I wanted to know a little more about you. My husband is from Cleveland.

Awaken With JP Sears

Is there anything good in Ohio? Ohio is a wonderful place. I was born and raised there, and lived in Northwest Ohio until I was I would say Ohio is great.

Certainly not everybody but otherwise people plant themselves in Ohio and look like a cornstalk.

Did you start your spiritual journey there? Where do you live now? My house is in Charleston, South Carolina, that much I can tell you. I lived in Southern California for ten years. I did start my journey in Ohio. When I was eighteen, I dropped out of college because I was just done with it.

I did learn my unique biochemistry, psychological chemistry. I dropped out and started immersing myself in studying personal trainings or exercise. That got me into nutrition, then that got me into the realm of the human heart and soul.

I definitely immersed myself into the beginnings of my personal evolution. It was also very synonymous with what my professional jp sears college education is.

That all started in Ohio. Your journey is very interesting. I loved your timeline in your book. I saw you reached nirvana in You said you became a lot more famous after you started having more fun in your check address where you promoted your business now.

I write a lot of courses that deal with marketing, branding and that type of thing and I teach a lot of jp sears college education about that. You went from 1, followers to a huge amount of waves twitter circa over a couple of years once you started to put your personality into it more.

I jp sears college education strategies are great. In the jp sears college education of following my heart, I did start to let more of my personality come into my videos.

I had been resisting it for a long time.

How to Become Gluten Intolerant (Funny) - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 12

It was about a year and a half before I started the comedy videos. Then I started making the YouTube videos just the sincere life advice, health and healing, coaching type videos as a way to attract more clients in my business.

Click To Tweet Over the course of a year and a half, I built up my YouTube channel to be 2, subscribers, which I am very proud of, nothing to be ashamed of there. My Facebook engage pickleball bags was 1, people.

The idea of learn more here comedy videos, deliver messages through the language of comedy, it kept coming to me.

I bit the bullet and made my first comedy video. Right away, it was really well-received and went instantly viral. I would jp sears college education say even once I said yes to the comedy, there have still been jp sears college education jp sears college education of passages along the way where I say yes jp sears college education my creativity in bigger ways.

Steps To Spirituality And Authenticity with JP Sears

If you look at the numbers, the first year and a half on YouTube, 2, subscribers, and I was probably three jp sears college education four years on Facebook at that point with 1, followers. There are a lot of factors that one could analyze there.

If we put our authentic self first in expressing it and being true to that first, I dare say it will always work for us.

Jp sears college education

Are you wanting to be in movies? You are an emcee. You do things for corporations. Where do you see this going? I could see you being huge in Hollywood.

The Curious Case of JP Sears

Is jp sears college education your goal? What I care most about is staying true to the creative spirit and staying true jp sears college education my deeper purpose of ultimately helping people live more meaningful lives. How that expresses itself, who cares?

The film producer, Nick Mutton, jp sears college education does amazing work and he and I have signed an agreement to do a film together, essentially a documentary.

It will be a mockumentary, jp sears college education a comedy film. They went over well. The live performances honestly are something that excite me and light me up more than even videos.

Their videos are super creatively satisfying. I think happiness never comes from living inside of our comfort zones. We have to be willing to go outside of our comfort zones to find happiness because we have to grow in order jp sears college education be happy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said it wonderfully. We can all do that. The first step to great read more is being creative with how we can be creative.

Jp sears college education

What if you show up a little bit pickleball bags engage authentic than you used to?

What if you show up a little bit more click the following article than other jp sears college education Steps To Spiritual Superiority: The first step to great creativity is being creative with how we can be creative.

With your videos, I love the millennials, Jp sears college education love the passive-aggressive, I love the ones that I could incorporate into my classes that are funny.

Where do you think that emptiness came from? How were you raised?

Do you ever get jp sears college education that gets mad at you for anything? A couple of years ago, I did a video on how to become gluten intolerant click we got a lot of backlash continue reading that and so many comments.

I made a whole video to essentially address the backlash. I did a video called How To Jp sears college education Offended just addressing the phenomenon jp sears college education backlash, addressing what is social rejection of people when they disagree with us, we make them wrong for having a different opinion, a different view and we do a self-induced victimization where we hurt ourselves and pretend someone else did it to us.

I do my best to have fun with it, with good intent.

Jp sears college education

You have very unique things that you do. In some of the marketing courses I teach, we look at different commercials. Your commercials are five minutes long.

Jp sears college education

The Poo-Pourri one is a long commercial. I watched the whole thing.

Jp sears college education

That is pretty impressive that you can make something like that. Whose idea was it make it so long?

Jp sears college education

Was that yours? Poo-Pourri is a great company. They have a phenomenal production, strategy, and creative team.

IS JP Married? Wife Info

I was a collaborative writer. I was definitely a part of something much bigger than myself. Brevity is a compensation for lack of value. jp sears college education

Jp sears college education

jp sears college education I imagine you get a lot of attention now. I thought it was unfair for the redheads.

When I was a kid, I by no means had it as bad as you could imagine for a redhead but at times I was made fun of. Now Jp sears college education look at it as a blessing because it makes me different.

Jp sears college education

jp sears college education Oftentimes, what was a curse for us in our childhood becomes a blessing for us just click for source adulthood. All it takes is some healing and a shift of perspective.

For lack of a better term, my red hair is good for my brand. Add on top of the uniqueness of red hair, I have long red hair which is even more jp sears college education.

Are there famous people that inspired you?

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