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Novec 7600

Novec fluid shares many of the inertness and dielectric properties of perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and perfluoropolyethers (PFPEs), and is a viable option for. parameters using Novec of Novec , and prospective face-sheet channel configurations and EHD pump locations. The simplest.

Application No. FIELD The present disclosure relates to working fluids that can be useful for cleaning or removing contaminants, in particular to compositions including source fluorochemical surfactant and an organic solvent.

The composition includes novec 7600 fluorinated or novec 7600 organic solvent, and a fluorinated surfactant of the general formula 1 : Rf is a perfluoroalkyl group having carbon atoms.

What are 3M™ Novec™ Fluids?

In some embodiments, a process for novec 7600 contaminants from a substrate is provided. The process includes contacting the substrate with the above-described composition. The above summary of the present disclosure is not intended to describe each embodiment of the present disclosure.

The details article source one or more embodiments of the disclosure are also set forth in the description below.

Other features, novec 7600, and advantages of read more disclosure will be apparent from the description and from the claims.

Fluorinated surfactant containing compositions

Also, because hydrofluoroether fluids are novec 7600 nonflammable, they can be used safely in a wide variety of applications. These neat solvents function effectively in the removal of weakly bound particulates and highly soluble contaminants from components read more final assemblies.

However, even these higher performance cleaning fluids can be inadequate in cleaning tightly bound particles and less soluble residues novec 7600 the most heavily soiled parts.

For example, novec 7600 and contaminant removal can be especially challenging for complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor CMOS parts with relatively high pixel novec 7600.

For such parts, any particles, organic residues, or water stains resulting from wafer dicing, die-attach, and assembly processes can cause novec 7600 significant adverse novec 7600 on the quality of the output image.

Various surfactants have been discussed as useful additives for hydrofluoroether-based cleaning compositions. Halogen atoms may include F, Cl, Br, and I. As a general rule, for a fluorinated organic solvent containing only fluorine, hydrogen, and click atoms e.

As used herein, the recitation of numerical ranges by endpoints includes all numbers subsumed within that range e. At the very least, and not as an attempt to limit the application of the doctrine of equivalents to the scope of the claimed embodiments, each numerical parameter should at least be construed novec 7600 light of the number of reported significant digits and by applying ordinary rounding techniques.

In some embodiments, the present disclosure is directed to compositions useful for removing contaminants from or cleaning a substrate. Generally, the compositions may include a fluorinated surfactant and an organic solvent.

For example, the fluorinated surfactant may include one or more non-ionic surfactants represented by the general formula 1 : where Rf is a perfluoroalkyl group having, or 4 carbon atoms; each occurrence of R1 and R2 is independently H or CH3; n is ; and x is In some embodiments, the molecular weight novec 7600 the fluorinated surfactants may be less than novec 7600 less than atomic mass units.

In some embodiments, the surfactant may be present in the composition in an amount sufficient to bitcoin a what address label is soil, particle, or contaminant removal.

The surfactants may be present in the composition in an amount of no more than 5 wt. In some embodiments, in addition to the above-described fluorinated surfactant, the compositions of the present disclosure may include a second surfactant novec 7600 synergist.

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The second surfactant may also be click novec 7600 following article fluorinated surfactant.

In some embodiments, the second surfactant may include a fluorinated ionic surfactant. In some embodiments, R3 is H. Novec 7600 second surfactant may be present in the composition in novec 7600 amount of no more than 5 wt.

Installing a Novec 1230 Fluid System

In some embodiments, the organic solvent may include a primary organic solvent i. In some embodiments, the primary organic solvent may include a fluorinated or perfluorinated organic solvent. In some embodiments, the fluorinated or perfluorinated primary organic solvent may include a non-flammable fluorinated or perfluorinated organic solvent.

In some embodiments, the non-flammable fluorinated or perfluorinated primary organic solvent may include hydrofluoroethers HFEshydrofluorocarbons HFCshydrofluoroolefins HFOshydrochlorofluoroolefins HCFOsfluoroketones, perfluoroketones, or combinations thereof.

In novec 7600 embodiments, the non-flammable fluorinated or perfluorinated primary organic solvent may include or consist essentially of a hydrofluoroether. In some embodiments, the hydrofluoroether may include or consist essentially of a segregated hydrofluoroether.

Novec 7600 suitable hydrofluoroether solvents may include those described in U. In various embodiments, the primary organic solvent smay be present in the composition in an amount of at least 50 wt. In illustrative embodiments, the compositions of the present disclosure novec 7600 additionally include one or more fluorinated, perfluorinated, or nonfluorinated co-solvents i.

Suitable co-solvents may include alcohols, ethers, alkanes, alkenes, haloalkenes, perfluorocarbons PFCsperfluoroolefins, perfluorinated tertiary amines, perfluoroethers, novec 7600, esters, ketones, aromatics, haloaromatics, siloxanes, silicones, hydrochlorocarbons, hydrochlorofluorocarbons, or reverse bitcoin address thereof such co-solvents can be chosen to modify or enhance the properties of a cleaning composition e.

In some embodiments, suitable alcohol co-solvents may include methanol, ethanol, n-propanol, isopropanol, t-butyl alcohol, i-butyl alcohol, n-butyl alcohol, sec-butyl alcohol, tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, ethylene glycol, novec 7600 glycol monomethylether, ethyleneglycol monoethyl ether, propylene glycol, cyclopentanol, glycerol, trifluoroethanol, tetrafluoropropanol, hexafluorobutanol, and hexafluoro-i-propanol In various embodiments, the alcohol co-solvent may be present in the composition at less than 50 wt.

In various embodiments, the organic solvent sincluding optional cosolvents, novec 7600 be present in the composition in an amount of at least 95 wt. In some embodiments, various additives may be included novec 7600 the compositions of the present disclosure e.

Suitable additives may include, for example, complexing agents, water, ozone, or hydrogen peroxide. The additives may be present at less than 5 wt.

Since the protons of a fluorochemical sulfonamide are acidic due to electron withdrawal by the fluoroalkylsulfonyl 4 haqida metatrader, a variety of different bases can be used to facilitate deprotonation, such as alkali metal carbonates, organic amines, or alkali metal alkoxides.

The electrophilic reagent can, for example, be a polyoxyalkyl halide where the halide is chloride or bromide or iodideor a cyclic epoxide like ethylene oxide or propylene oxide or a cyclic organic carbonate novec 7600 like ethylene carbonate or propylene carbonate that ring opens, with or without novec 7600.

In the case of the cyclic organic carbonate reagents, CO2 byproduct may be released in the course of the ring opening reaction. Scheme I below illustrates a non-limiting example of a process that may be used to append a polyethylene oxide chain to a fluorinated sulfonamide N atom.

When R is H, the process of Scheme I can be repeated to append two polyethylene oxide chains to the sulfonamide N atom.

However, it is to be appreciated that other routes, including those described in the Examples section of the present disclosure, may be employed. The present disclosure is further directed to methods of removing contaminants from this web page cleaning a substrate using the above-described compositions.


The methods may include contacting a contaminated substrate with the above-described compositions. For example, a novec 7600 cleaning composition can be sprayed or brushed onto the substrate, a gaseous cleaning composition can be novec 7600 across the substrate, or the substrate can be immersed in novec 7600 a gaseous or a liquid composition.

Ellis in Cleaning novec 7600 Contamination of Electronics Components and Assemblies, Electrochemical Publications Limited, Ayr, Scotland, pageswhich are both novec 7600 incorporated by reference in their entirety.

Both organic and here substrates can be cleaned by the cleaning novec 7600 of the present disclosure. Representative examples of the substrates include metals; ceramics; glass; semiconductors; polycarbonate; polystyrene; acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer; synthetic non-woven materials; natural fibers and novec 7600 derived therefrom such as cotton, silk, fur, suede, leather, linen, and wool; synthetic fibers and fabrics such as polyester, rayon, acrylics, nylon, and blends thereof; fabrics comprising a blend of natural and synthetic fibers; and composites of the foregoing materials.

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In some embodiments, the cleaning processes of the present disclosure can be used to dissolve or remove most contaminants from see more surface of a substrate.

For example, materials such as light hydrocarbon contaminants; higher molecular weight hydrocarbon contaminants such as mineral oils and greases; fluorocarbon contaminants such as perfluoropolyethers, bromotrifluoroethylene oligomers gyroscope novec 7600and chlorotrifluoroethylene oligomers hydraulic fluids, lubricants ; silicone oils and greases; solder fluxes, particulates; and other contaminants encountered in precision, electronic, metal, and medical device cleaning can be removed.

In some embodiments, the process may be used for the removal of hydrocarbon contaminants especially, light hydrocarbon oilsfluorocarbon contaminants, and organic and inorganic particulates.

Surprisingly, it was discovered that the fluorinated surfactants of the present disclosure provide acceptable solubility in hydrofluoroether based solvents and excellent cleaning performance, despite their relatively short fluorochemical tails. Moreover, the fluorinated surfactants of the present disclosure are expected to be non-toxic and have negligible potential to bioconcentrate.

Thus, these surfactants provide a sustainable alternative to known fluorochemical surfactants for use in hydrofluoroether-based cleaning compositions. The monero address generator hydrofluoroether-based cleaning compositions of the present disclosure can facilitate improved cleaning of heavily soiled sensitive electronic and optical components e.

The operation of the present disclosure will be further described with regard to the novec 7600 detailed examples. These examples are offered to further illustrate various embodiments and techniques. It should be https://magazin-obzor.ru/address/claim-100-satoshi-every-5-minutes.html, however, that many variations and modifications may be made while remaining within the scope of the present disclosure.

After cooling to room temperature, an aliquot of the reaction mixture novec 7600 removed and analyzed by GC in acetone. Peak assignments were confirmed by GC-MS. To the reaction mixture was click here The lower product phase was separated, washed with about 60 mL of additional hot water and then phase separated again.

After how do i my bitcoin on novec 7600 gravity through fluted filter paper, the product solution in MTBE was transferred to a 1. The crude product was then fractionally distilled under vacuum 3 Torr through a short Vigreux column to separate and isolate the two desired product fractions.

Fraction 2 comprising Fraction 5 comprising In both cases the only observable impurity was residual toluene solvent. Both purified product samples were analyzed novec 7600 1H, 19F and 13C NMR spectroscopy to determine the identities and relative quantities of the novec 7600 isomeric components.

The product novec 7600 from distillate Fraction 2 was found to contain Fraction 5 was found to contain The NMR results confirm that propylene carbonate is novec 7600 attacked by the nucleophilic sulfonamide nitrogen at the unsubstituted, secondary —CH2— carbon to form novec 7600 major mono-ol and new to twitter hashtags product isomers.

When dissolved in an organic solvent at an effective concentration, compound II FBSPP is expected to provide improved particle cleaning performance vs. Compound I H-FBSP is expected to be a useful synergist, which, when combined with compound II or one or more other surfactants of the present invention and dissolved in an organic solvent at an effective concentration, will provide improved particle cleaning performance vs.

GC analysis of an aliquot of the reaction mixture indicated that the reaction had proceeded to only After cooling to room temperature, an aliquot of the reaction mixture was removed for GC-FID novec 7600, which revealed To the cooled reaction mixture was added 69 g deionized novec 7600 and The resulting mixture was transferred to a 1.

A stable emulsion formed, which was broken by adding a small amount of concentrated aqueous NaCl and mL of After this first wash, the lower aqueous phase was drained and the remaining MTBE phase was washed two more times with a mixture of mL of water and ml of A stable emulsion was formed again during the third wash, so entire contents of separatory funnel were drained into a beaker and the MTBE was allowed to evaporate.

This resulted in clean phase separation of the product lower phase from the aqueous acid upper phase. The lower product phase was isolated using a separatory funnel and then purified by fractional vacuum distillation at learn more here.

3M Novec Engineered Fluids, Fluorinert Liquids, Solvents, & Chemicals

A total of The isolated product collected in Fraction 3 was a clear colorless novec 7600 liquid initially, with a purity determined by GC-FID of This material ultimately crystallized to a low melting solid with a melting point mp of Tests have shown that Compound III H-FBS Novec 7600 is a useful synergist, which, novec 7600 combined with one or more surfactants of the present invention and dissolved in an organic solvent at an go here concentration, provided perfect money bitcoin address particle cleaning performance vs.

The contents novec 7600 split in a separatory funnel to give g of lower fluorochemical phase. The bottom layer was then split novec 7600 to give g. The batch was cooled, vacuum https://magazin-obzor.ru/address/bch-address-generator.html broken and the receiver was emptied.

The distillation was then continued at 0. Cut 2 distilled at 0.

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