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A coin from 2039

a coin from 2039magazin-obzor.ru › News › Weird News. Apparently the mysterious coin was found by Diego Avilés in a work in Mexico. They find in Mexico a Nazi coin of the year , a test of time travel or a.

A coin from 2039

According to the video, the coin was discovered by Aviles from a construction site, and at the bottom of the coin, the year was imprinted. Just above the imprinted year is Reichsadler Nazi Party symbol, along with the words, 'Nueva Alemania' which translates to 'New A coin a coin from 2039 2039.

A coin from 2039

The flip side of the coin features the writing 'Alies in einer nation' which means all in one nation, Daily Star reports. As a coin from 2039 new video has gone viral on the Internet, many conspiracy theorists have article source that this future Nazi a coin from 2039 is a solid proof of the existence of a parallel universe.

Another section of conspiracy theorists argued that Germany will be a key player in the World War III which is almost unfolding in Syria.

A coin from 2039

They are aware of the prophecies, are preparing for WW3 and a coin from 2039 played numerous times a cat and mouse game with the US and Russian army, ufology is full of these a coin from 2039 wrote Paul ter Haar, a YouTube user.

Than there will be years of peace on the planet," he said.

A coin from 2039

Another YouTube user Somme Bomb has asked whether this coin is from a parallel universe of an altered timeline. This is not the first time that speculations regarding parallel universe and time a coin from 2039 of Nazis are surfacing online.

A coin from 2039

Previously, several conspiracy theorists have claimed that Adolf Hitler has not committed click, instead, he has a coin from 2039 to a different a coin from 2039 using a 'Bell' a coin from 2039 href="https://magazin-obzor.ru/from/how-to-get-your-money-back-from-bitcoin-scam.html">check this out travel machine.

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